All tracks are available as high quality MP3 files (for download) as well as RealAudio streams for direct audition.
Please note that these songs are my property and you are not allowed to copy, sell, broadcast or spread them in any way without my permission. Thanks. Comments and suggestions always welcome.

equinox 6:20 · trance · July 01
My latest release.

anarchophobia 5:21 · techno · April 01
Something harder. Check it out.

deorbit 4:23 · trance · February 01
My first track featuring an access virus kb.

For all the things left behind 5:08 · slow, ambient · December 00/January 01
Deep, ambient tune. Synths, piano (Steinway) and one drumloop.

The night 4:23 · trance · December 00
Sequel of 'The day'. Just cranking my new audio setup (2 PCs, 4 soundcards, about 50m of audio and MIDI-cable).

Square world 2:07 · trance · Summer 00, unfinished
An unfinished subtle trance-tune.

Look to the stars 1:53 · vocal trance · Summer 00, unfinished
Unfinished. Something vocal trance like. Vocals by Janaye La Shon (USA).

Working it out 4:20 · electronica crossover · June 00
This is the first tune I did using two soundcards at the sime time, and also the first time I used a sequencer to arrange a whole song.
The result is, as intended to be, quite special. A crossover with trancish, rock/pop and breakbeat influences.

Remember Stash 6:35 · techno/trance · March 00
A remix of the soundtrack of the intro 'Stash' by The Black Lotus.

Final abduction 4:23 · massive trance · February 00
My second compose-render-mix song, done using the same programs as used in 'Generate'.

Generate 3:29 · trance · January 00
My PC is definitely too slow. I couldn't play all instruments in this song at once, so I had to record and mix them one after the other. 8 different programs were used to compose and master this trance-tune.

test4b_take1 5:08 · triphop · December 99
Another BUZZ-tune. This one is quite rough and breaky. And loud!

the end of a decade 5:54 · chillout trance · November 99
This is my first attempt to do some trance, it's 100% done with BUZZ and some samples.

not slept for too long 4:28 · spherical techno? experimental? · October 99
Some 808, some ReBirth, some flutes, some drums. Everything mixed together in BUZZ.

That's all there IS 4:16 · easy acid-ish dance techno · September 99
Tracked in BUZZ, voice samples generated with Shit-Talker, 303 made with ReBirth. That's it.

AKSA 4 ever 3:00 · shuffled, beaten, distorted · August 99
Another BUZZ tune with Shit-Talker generated samples. Listen to da beatz! Fell the groove of AKSA!

Looking forward 3:39 · easy acid · June 99
Tracked one Wednesday evening in one single session (with BUZZ of course), the 303-part was done with ReBirth.

The Gap 3:05 · heavyfunkacidmetalhouse · May 99
BUZZ + my good old Fender Stratocaster.

Ironic 2:39 · breaky · March 99
I put my fingers on the keyboard one day and that's what they played.

The Day 3:02 · houseish · January 99
An unfinished BUZZ-track. It was the day...

The great oppressor 3:08 · no idea... · March 99
Like it or hate it. It's special.

Meet Gorgeous 4:41 · experimental · March 99
A thoroughly planned and very experimental BUZZ-tune. Enjoy something different.

Stir up 2:21 · chemical · February 99
Just a simple and short BUZZ track with a dirty and chemical groove.

ten percent off 3:25 · slow breaks · February 99
A nice, chilling BUZZ track. I tried to do something drum&bass like with a 10% shuffle, hence the title.

headlight 4:38 · techno/trance · January 99
My second releasable BUZZ-track.

Let Me See Thru Your Eyes 3:50 · pop/rock · 99
I started this one about one and a half years ago and I'm happy to have finally finished it. Guitar samples (me playing), mixed together with BUZZ.