This page contains some demo-scene related releases of me and our not-so-active-anymore demo group called carrots. If you want to know more about the scene, about it's past, present and future, have a look at the very stylish and informative site.

The Only Moving Thing Was the Eye of the Blackbird
DOS/Windows, truecolor, sound
A demo (8 MB size limit) by carrots. Released at buenzli 8 and ranked 2nd. Cool graphics, but the sound sucks. There was no track ready for our new midi engine, so we just ripped a famous jazz midi. See more pictures of the demo.
DOS, VESA2, sound (GUS)
An FX (16 kb size limit), ranked 1. at escape '99 water-FX compo.
DOS, VGA, sound (GUS)
An FX (16 kb size limit), ranked 1. at buenzli 6 FX-compo.