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pdoom_one is an effect package for visualJockey. It's available in two flavors: basic and PRO. The basic version comes free with visualJockey R3.5 and contains all the pdoom_one plugins that were already available in R3.2. The PRO version contains some new functionality in the basic plugins, and a whole bunch of new plugins!

pdoom_one PRO is the advanced version of pdoom_one. Not only does it feature some important improvements over pdoom_one basic, but it also contains many new cool effects you won't be able to live without once you've used them!
You can buy pdoom_one PRO online on the visualJockey homepage.

Updates to pdoom_one basic plugins:

  • variable size of texture inputscreens
  • morphing editor
  • variable size of texture inputscreens
  • export to 3DS
  • variable size of texture inputscreens
  • export to 3DS
  • use inputscreen as variable ('hmap').

3D effects:

Fly through an infinite labyrinth of tunnels! The worn-out wormhole effect has finally met its maker.
Text3D is all you'll ever need to integrate real-time rendered, animated 3D texts in your 3D scene.

WAX effects:

WAX is a family of effects that deal with 3D objects represented as a 3D-grid. Some of the effects create WAX grids, others modify them and finally the grid can be displayed as a real 3D object using the WAXViewer plugin.
Of course you can also use any other visualJockey effect to create or modify WAX grids!

Similar to Evaluator3D, the ImplicitBeast can visualize mathematical functions. But the method used to calculate the actual 3D object is quite different. The objects will look very organic and blob-like. Besides just rendering the 3D object, ImplicitBeast can also generate a WAX grid.
Converts a 3DS file to a WAX grid.
Rotates and scales a WAX grid.
Combines two WAX grids to a single grid using boolean operations.
Viewer for WAX grids. Renders the grid as a 3D object.

Filter effects:

A heavily optimized chroma-keying plugin, designed for live bluescreen effects. Supports customizable key color (color picker), noise reduction, spill suppression and color correction.
MMX optimized plugin for some standard color transformations and some fancy stuff.
Tracks position and orientation of a colored object and generates dynamic variables that can be used by any other effect!
A realtime morphing plugin. Supports bilinear filtering (anti-aliasing) for perfectly smooth morphs!
Degrades the quality of the screen by applying various dirty effects.

This effect package comes free with visualJockey R3.5. If you want more functionality and more plugins, check out pdoom_one PRO. Contents of pdoom_one basic:

3D effects:

All 3D effects can be combined to a single 3D scene. For example, it is easily possible to let a Blob3D fly around in your 3DS-scene on a predefined path!

Viewer for 3DS (3d-studio) files. Supports animations and morphing of 3D objects and cameras. Integrated material editor
Real-time 'Blob' object generator (also known as 'Metaballs').
Allows you to create a huge variety of 3D objects, just by entering mathematical functions! Also very useful to design new, previously unseen 2D distortion effects (e.g. plasmas)

Filter effects:

MMX optimized plugin that reduces the number of colors of a video screen.
Fast h-Blur
Very fast MMX optimized horizontal blur.
Simulated analogue low-pass filtering of the video signal. Adds a heart-warming notion of retro/low-fi to your sterile high-quality footage.
RGB Displacer
Separates the red, green and blue channels of a video screen.
Retina Killer
MMX-based effect that burns-in bright parts of the screen buffer.
Mixes the last few frames with the current screen buffer.

Miscellaneous effects:

Draws random glitter and sparkles at bright spots of the screen buffer.
Changes the resolution of the screen using bilinear filtering (only if your system fulfills the requirements for OpenGL support in vpd3D).